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NYC Nightclub meets rhythm riding Indoor cycling classes. ND Wheelhouse offers innovative, high intensity fun workouts where riders are sweating along to a beat driven choreographed class in an atmosphere that includes fog, lasers, and strobe lights. The expertly crafted workouts incorporate various upper body movements that will build strength, tone muscles, and increase endurance. Classes are  45 minutes and include arm weights. From the beginner who has never sat on a spin bike to the most advanced athletes, riders can go at their own pace and everyone is part of the team. In addition to our spin classes we now offer: BootyBarre, HIIT, and a Pulse and Pedal Class. Our studio also offers live virtual classes so you can workout from the comfort of your home plus an on demand video library that is updated weekly. Come join the workout party!



Natalie Beck

Owner, Instructor, HIIT, Cycling


I've been an indoor cycling instructor for seven years. I started out teaching traditional road style biking but fell in love the high intensity and energy of rhythm riding. There is nothing like riding to the beat using your entire body and engaging your core muscles in the process. When the beat drops magic happens. Come ride with me and experience the magic yourself!  

Diana Ward

Instructor, Indoor Cycling


Thankful to have found ND Wheelhouse! As a wife, mommy, dog mom, and teacher, I was afraid I would lose that "me time." Cycling and working out have been the things that make me spend time on myself and do something healthy for me!! Join me and do something good for you!

Tricia Schulberger

Instructor, Booty Barre


It's never too late to get your groove back!  

I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer and Fitness Nutrition Specialist, and hold certifications through BootyBarre, Barre Above, and TRX.

Wherever you are at this point is the perfect place to start.  I promise to make you laugh on the journey to a healthy and happy you



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